Saturday, December 28, 2013

Daddy's Girl

this post is going to be somewhat of a way to get my feelings out there. I consider it to be sort of a diary-like post. but then again, that's what blogging is isn't it. :) there are a few times a year when I become very nostalgic for my dad even more than on a day to day basis. that is the date of his passing, Father's Day, and the holiday season in general where Christmas also happens to be his birthday. so here we go...

this subject is one that is extremely hard for me to talk about, one of those subjects that you wear a smile to hold back the tears when you hear a song in public that reminds you of a late loved one or you are at a wedding and the father daughter dance comes up...although I will admit, I absolutely lose all composure when this part of the reception happens. every time. but I feel that putting these words on here will not only help ease the pain and sadness even in the slightest, but possibly help anyone else out there who has suffered a loss of a loved one. because we all need each other for love and support, especially in such situations.

my dad and I have always had a very close father daughter relationship. my parents divorced when I was three so I have no recollection of that; however, I do remember the crazy schedule that came about having to set certain days with each parent. with this, I was able to spend quality time with each parent separately. my dad always had something fun planned when it was his time. he was a complete biker guy; long dark curly hair, scruff, and leather to the max. to this day, he is the most fun person I have ever had in my life. an appropriate term would be the life of the party. his love and passion for life was portrayed every single day of his life. he had such an amazing way of connecting with people through his bright smile and creating life-long relationships. I still have people come up to me and ask if I am his daughter. to which I proudly reply yes. there was never a dull  moment with this guy, he was always getting into some kind of fun. he was the leader of our family and his friends. he was the kind of dad where you could confide in him and trust him with your words. he was someone you knew you would ALWAYS have fun with. he was my best friend.

on Father's Day in 2001, a lot of lives were about to be changed forever. I remember hearing the knock on my mom's front door and seeing a policeman standing there with a somber look. he proceeded to tell my mom what had happened. I remember looking through the glass door seeing her burst out in tears. she came in and told me that daddy had gotten into a motorcycle accident...and he didn't make it. I couldn't even tell you what ran through my mind that morning except I went from being super excited to spend the day with my dad to feeling as if my world had just flipped upside down. nothing has been the same since.

as a total daddy's girl, this loss has affected every aspect of my life then, now, and will impact many parts of the future. I have had to make decisions in my life that a dad should have a say in and that I, as his daughter, wanted to hear his opinion more than anything. dating is a huge deal in my life now that I do not have him here to put the fear of God in the poor soul. ;) although, I do have his biker friends that gladly put themselves out there for this fatherly role. and my family loves to give a hard time to the fellas. that being said, I am now holding out for my special someone because it is more than just dating for me. it is deciding if dad would approve. it is literally a deal breaker for me.

my dad set a high bar when it came to how much a father can love his daughter. he wrote some poems addressed to me in a green spiral notebook he had at his house. these poems are near and dear to my heart. I treasure this book as if it were my child. I cannot read them without becoming a bawling mess but they have taught me to not settle for anything in life. his love has strengthened me in so many ways. they are a sweet reminder that he will always be here in spirit and they show just how much he cared for me. he set a perfect example of the kind of father I want my future husband to be with our children. here is one of the poems he wrote:


The sweetest word I know
Is a word only you can say.
This word I hear from you
Is a word that takes the blues away.
It makes a bad day turn good
It turns a good day great.

So if I don't answer for a time or two
Don't think I didn't hear you
Don't think I don't care
Don't think my mind is elsewhere
Because this one little word I love to hear
And it means the world to me my dear.

So say it once, say it twice
Say it three more times.
I hear  you well
My little southern belle.
I promise I won't get mad
And I'll never be upset.
Just say it once more so I don't forget.

How beautiful is this one little word
It is the word I long to hear
So please understand
If I cry when it rings in my ear.
I know someday you will be an adult
And a "big girl" you will finally be.
I only ask of you one thing
Please remember what this word means to me.

Just in closing I would like to say,
There is nothing more dear
Than to have someone whisper "daddy" in your ear. 

I have learned the true value of life and living through my dad. I would have done anything to save his life that day and be able to spend more time with him, but I could not be more grateful to have spent nine incredibly fun years with him. I thank God everyday for the memories I now hold so dear to my heart. and I cannot explain the comfort I feel from knowing that someday, we will be a father daughter pair reunited in Heaven. this brings my heart so much peace. needless to say, I cannot wait for that day! I picture him with his long hair and beaming smile giving me a much needed dad hug with tears of joy streaming down our faces. goosebumps. without my faith, family, and friends there is no way I would have gotten through this in one piece.

now that I am 22 and a "big girl" as dad would have put it, I have grown to realize the importance of family and strengthening my faith. with these two things in my life, I truly feel blessed.

to everyone who is suffering the loss of a loved one, know that you are not alone and there are people out there who relate or who are willing to be there for support, me included.

"I just knew as long as I sought God in my life that He would open and close the door that He wanted me to go through and that was a sense of comfort for me."

hailey mae


Thursday, December 12, 2013

Smiling is Contagious

hello lovelies! <3

first of all, I want to congratulate those of you who have already dominated their finals and wish those who have yet to take them the BEST OF LUCK. turning in that last final feels like a thousand pound weight has been lifted, literally. Christmas break is finally upon us!!

today's post is going to be about spreading happiness to others. I am beyond obsessed with inspirational quotes. so sorry if this is a little too cheesy for you. :)

everyone is going through something that is challenging them, most likely more than one thing. I have found it quite interesting how many people we come into contact with in one single day at the grocery store, on campus, at Starbucks, at the gym and how many of those people do we actually make conversation with or even flash a smile and a cheerful "happy holidays!" I am definitely guilty of being that person with my nose in my phone when I am sitting at the doctor's office or not making eye contact with those I pass while shopping. it is quite bizarre if you think about it.

imagine if you smile at even just one person that you pass by...that one smile could literally turn their entire day around. smiling is contagious. it's proven. :)

so I challenge you to make conversation, wish happy holidays, and to smile at one another because when you reach out to someone with a positive attitude, the joy will keep on giving. (again, told you it would be cheesy haha.)

"I just like to smile, smiling's my favorite!" *name that movie* ;)

hailey mae

Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY sugar scrub

hello everyone!

I decided I would give the diy sugar scrub a go for this holiday season. they make great gifts for family, friends, and even for yourself and can be made in ALL SORTS of delicious scents.

*not to mention...this diy project is super duper easy.* :)

let's get right into it...

what you will need:
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons coconut oil
15-20 drops + of your preferred fragrance oil (I picked up lavender, vanilla bean & spice, and juicy berries & apples)
5 drops of honey
mini mason jars
ribbon, fabric, any fun decorative item you would like!

*this makes enough for one mini mason jar*

step 1
combine sugar, coconut oil, fragrance oil, and honey into a mixing bowl. 

step 2
place mixture into mason jar.

step 3
decorate the mason jars to your liking! 

and literally you guys, it is easy as that. :) if you do this diy please let me know the combos you tried and the creativity you used with your mason jars! I would love to see photos! 

happy holiday season to you and have fun diy'ing. ;)

hailey mae

Saturday, November 23, 2013

I am thankful for...

in honor of Thanksgiving coming in just under a week, I decided to write a post about being grateful.

p.s. is anyone else in shock at how fast this year has gone?!

I try my absolute best to remember the blessings that God has given me each and every day; and since I am a total “list” person, what better way than to keep a running list of these blessings!

keeping record of these types of things not only reminds me of the greatness life has to offer but it keeps me in check to focusing on these positives rather than the negatives. we have all been there in life when it seems like nothing is going right and it seems we cannot do anything to help it. it is in this moment when I have a sort of mental run through of a few things that make my life so special.

• my mom. we have our share of ups and downs but when it really comes down to it, she is my absolute best friend. I truly do not know what I would do without her by my side. she works incredibly hard every day setting a wonderful example of what it really means to work for your heart’s desires. I have so many sweet memories of mother daughter time when I was a little girl and the memories only continue to grow.

• my dad. he passed away when I was nine in a tragic motorcycle accident on Father’s Day. I still have an extremely hard time dealing with this loss as it has affected me greatly. he was my absolute best friend and I was your typical “little daddy’s girl.” he taught me more than I could have ever imagined at the time about life and living it to the very fullest. his entire demeanor embodied such a carefree lifestyle, befriending everyone he came in contact with. his bright smile and joyful laugh could light up your heart beyond measure. not a day goes by that I do not think of this one of a kind father.

• God. my faith has been continuing to grow over these past few years in particular for which I could not be more grateful. this rising faith has gotten me through many tough situations and has made me realize that with God, all things are possible. his love for people is so vast; it is just such a perfect love to be inspired by.

• family. I have two incredible families that have been such an amazing support system, and I hope I have been the same for them. both mom’s and dad’s side are full of people with a passion for helping others and a family bond that simply cannot be broken. I feel incredibly blessed to be a part of each family. someday, I would love to raise my future children in a similar family setting as most of my best childhood memories come from playing with cousins and family get-togethers. here are only a few of my family members...both sides are pretty large!

• friends. being the early 20-something that I am, I have quickly learned that friends come and go but family is forever. (yes, I know that is pretty cheesy but it’s so true, right!) I feel like I am at that age where I am still learning who I am as a person and it’s the same with the people around me. this means we are all changing and growing into the people we are meant to be which unfortunately can sometimes lead to loss of friendships. however, this also means that we make room for the people who are truly important in our lives. I am grateful for the best friends I have who I can share absolutely anything with and we can have entire days dedicated to the “ab-boosting laughter.” :)

• my education. I am exceedingly grateful to have had the opportunity to attend not one, but two great colleges and pursue degrees that truly interest me. I have my days when I gripe and grumble about having to study study study, but education is so important and when you have the chance to obtain it, go for it and be thankful! (although, it is definitely still okay to have a complaint here and there...maybe just supplement it with the college go-to, coffee. :)

• my pug. yes, I said my pug. what can I say, I am an all-around animal lover! I grew up with a pug named dad named her, and his reasoning is quite hilarious. apparently he thought her eyes looked “baked.” nice, right. haha. she was literally like a sister to me because she was only 8 weeks old when I was born. she lived for a happy 14 years. we decided to get another pug after Baikka passed away and she has been nothing but ornery. only kidding, she is an ornery angel. her snores can be heard from across our home and she could spend hours snuggling. either way, I love her with all my heart.

• travel. my love for travel continues to grow stronger by the day. an ideal job to me would be to travel constantly and see what the world has to offer. I absolutely love flying and yes, even airports. there is something so intriguing about that feeling of being surrounded by aircrafts and tons of people off to different destinations. I love it!

• coffee. I may or may not be slightly addicted to coffee. ;) preferably doctored-up; I love me some gourmet flavors.

• the holiday season. the colors, smells, positive feelings, food, music; I love it all! the holiday season brings me so much joy as I am sure it does you too. I love to celebrate this special time of year with family and friends. the holiday cheer is measureless in each and every day.

• this journey called life. just like some people, I have been dealt hardships that started at an early age. this has molded me into someone that is continuously learning and growing into the woman I am ultimately meant to be. through all of the good and the bad, I am truly grateful to be where I am today. I am thankful for this journey and cannot wait to see where it all leads. :)

I hope everyone has a great day and until the next post, have a happy weekend!!

what are some things that leave you feeling thankful?

hailey mae

Friday, November 15, 2013

What Does Service Mean To You?

Most of us live more blessed lives than we will ever know. We seem to enjoy picking at the small things that “ruin” our day like stressing about having to wake up early for work or class, upset about the fact that the line at the bank’s drive thru is too long, or grumbling about our Starbucks coffee taking 10 minutes to create when we are in a rush. Everything is so fast-paced and we do not necessarily make time for what really matters.

Faith. Family. Service.

Today, a classmate and I had the opportunity to volunteer at a local Christian boarding school for children who have been separated from their families. The majority of the students have been taken in from Ethiopia and one student is from the United States. We learned the background stories of all these children.

These children have lived lives that none of us could never even imagine. Poverty living arrangements and neglect that we absolutely cannot fathom. However, people like the directors of Heritage Mission have opened their hearts and their home to these remarkable children. Transforming their lives into extraordinarily family and faith based. All of the students have developed big dreams and big hopes for their future.

We were honored to have met the students and we felt so welcomed by them in numerous ways. We helped do various projects such as crafts for an upcoming local Christian festival, set the table for lunch, help prepare lunch, and help with dishes. All of which they thanked us over and over with a bright smile on their face. I must say, I was blown away at their kind gestures and ability to make us feel at home.

One of the students, 8 years old, came from a troubled childhood including medical problems that have caused her to become blind. She was so very quick witted with my classmate and I that she had us cracking up laughing. And she loved it just as much as we did! In the time we spent with her, she was probably laughing 90% of it. Her positive spirit is so contagious, just like the other students’.

The wonderful thing about these students is how strong of a faith they have for God and their hearts for service. Just by their smile alone you can feel their desire to help others and to better not only their own lives, but those around them.

I am beyond amazed by these students and people of God, humbled by their generosity of letting us into their home/classroom, and thankful to have had the privilege to see this incredible school first hand.
Something tells me Heritage Mission will become a lifelong relationship. :)

On that note, what does service mean to you?

Romans 12:9-13 Let love be genuine. Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. Love one another with brotherly affection. Outdo one another in showing honor. Do not be slothful in zeal, be fervent in spirit, serve the Lord. Rejoice in hope, be patient in tribulation, be constant in prayer. Contribute to the needs of the saints and seek to show hospitality.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fitness Routine

woohoo it’s hump day!

this week has been nothing short of CRAZY…but what’s new. :) I decided today I would share my own fitness routine I have designed for my personal goals. what can I say, that Sunday morning run with my nephew inspired me! my major in college is health and exercise science as well as physical therapist assistant so my interest and knowledge of healthy living is quickly growing.

before I get into the fitness plan, I want to discuss what my  ultimate goals are because this routine is something that is customized to my body and everyone is different; although, our goals could be quite similar! either way, you can definitely still get some great ideas to put to good use. :)

my goals:

build endurance.
gain muscle.
tone abs.
give that butt a boost. (what girl doesn’t want some bootylicious going on?!)
tone arms.
build quads and hamstrings.

NOTE: these exercises are not meant for an everyday routine. I split them up by days of the week with Sunday being a rest day. this will add variety to each week!

some reminders:

eat HEALTHY. (again, a healthy diet can vary from person to person)

it is proven that exercising enhances your mood and overall well-being by releasing endorphins. this will result in stress relief, better sleep patterns, and give you a positive outlook on life in general.
so next time you decide to skip a workout because of whatever reason, tell yourself everything that will benefit from even a small workout. exercising even in a small amount is great for your health, you just may not reach your goals as quickly as you had originally desired.

I hope this post helps you and feel free to share some of your fitness ideas or even your routines! I would love to bounce some ideas back and forth. :)

hailey mae

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Welcome & Sunday Thoughts

happy Sunday everyone! :)

I wanted to "formally" welcome you to my blog and thank you for coming by. I have loved reading lifestyle type blogs for a long while now and decided to join the blogspot community to share some of my own interests and thoughts. :) the blogging community in general seems so friendly and open to making new friendships so I figured, why not!

currently I am sitting on my mom's new sectional with our pug, Myah, drinking hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. the weather here is making its chilly transition into winter. honestly this is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. there are few things I enjoy more than snuggling up in pj's with my puppy on chill Sunday evenings. it seems to be one of the best escapes from all of the studying that consumes my life these days. that or going out for a night of dancing with friends and jamming to some good ol' country music. ;)

today was a wonderful day full of family. my two nephews, ages 14 and 6, spent the weekend with my mom and I which was a blast as always. the youngest one may or may not have had too much sugar...needless to say...he was bouncing off the walls. but I wouldn't have had it any other way because eventually my sister has to take over hehe (sorry sis!) the oldest one has taken a liking to all things fitness which I love because that has a great deal to do with my major in college. we decided a morning jog would be perfect on this crisp morning. I quickly regretted this decision as I am not huge into running, although I wish I was! long story short, he got a good laugh out of the situation and we were able to bond over the experience. p.s: if anyone has any running tips, feel free to share. it would be greatly appreciated. ;)

my dad's side of the family gets together every Sunday after church for lunch, today we decided on Chinese buffet. we have carried out this tradition since before I was born, so over 22 years. :) love them with all my heart!

on that note, I hope you have had an amazing Sunday and you are ready to rock this coming week. thank you again for visiting!

hailey mae

before the insane morning run

meet myah

the youngest silly nephew