Saturday, November 30, 2013

DIY sugar scrub

hello everyone!

I decided I would give the diy sugar scrub a go for this holiday season. they make great gifts for family, friends, and even for yourself and can be made in ALL SORTS of delicious scents.

*not to mention...this diy project is super duper easy.* :)

let's get right into it...

what you will need:
1 cup sugar
3 tablespoons coconut oil
15-20 drops + of your preferred fragrance oil (I picked up lavender, vanilla bean & spice, and juicy berries & apples)
5 drops of honey
mini mason jars
ribbon, fabric, any fun decorative item you would like!

*this makes enough for one mini mason jar*

step 1
combine sugar, coconut oil, fragrance oil, and honey into a mixing bowl. 

step 2
place mixture into mason jar.

step 3
decorate the mason jars to your liking! 

and literally you guys, it is easy as that. :) if you do this diy please let me know the combos you tried and the creativity you used with your mason jars! I would love to see photos! 

happy holiday season to you and have fun diy'ing. ;)

hailey mae