Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Fitness Routine

woohoo it’s hump day!

this week has been nothing short of CRAZY…but what’s new. :) I decided today I would share my own fitness routine I have designed for my personal goals. what can I say, that Sunday morning run with my nephew inspired me! my major in college is health and exercise science as well as physical therapist assistant so my interest and knowledge of healthy living is quickly growing.

before I get into the fitness plan, I want to discuss what my  ultimate goals are because this routine is something that is customized to my body and everyone is different; although, our goals could be quite similar! either way, you can definitely still get some great ideas to put to good use. :)

my goals:

build endurance.
gain muscle.
tone abs.
give that butt a boost. (what girl doesn’t want some bootylicious going on?!)
tone arms.
build quads and hamstrings.

NOTE: these exercises are not meant for an everyday routine. I split them up by days of the week with Sunday being a rest day. this will add variety to each week!

some reminders:

eat HEALTHY. (again, a healthy diet can vary from person to person)

it is proven that exercising enhances your mood and overall well-being by releasing endorphins. this will result in stress relief, better sleep patterns, and give you a positive outlook on life in general.
so next time you decide to skip a workout because of whatever reason, tell yourself everything that will benefit from even a small workout. exercising even in a small amount is great for your health, you just may not reach your goals as quickly as you had originally desired.

I hope this post helps you and feel free to share some of your fitness ideas or even your routines! I would love to bounce some ideas back and forth. :)

hailey mae