Sunday, November 10, 2013

Welcome & Sunday Thoughts

happy Sunday everyone! :)

I wanted to "formally" welcome you to my blog and thank you for coming by. I have loved reading lifestyle type blogs for a long while now and decided to join the blogspot community to share some of my own interests and thoughts. :) the blogging community in general seems so friendly and open to making new friendships so I figured, why not!

currently I am sitting on my mom's new sectional with our pug, Myah, drinking hot chocolate with extra whipped cream. the weather here is making its chilly transition into winter. honestly this is one of my absolute favorite pastimes. there are few things I enjoy more than snuggling up in pj's with my puppy on chill Sunday evenings. it seems to be one of the best escapes from all of the studying that consumes my life these days. that or going out for a night of dancing with friends and jamming to some good ol' country music. ;)

today was a wonderful day full of family. my two nephews, ages 14 and 6, spent the weekend with my mom and I which was a blast as always. the youngest one may or may not have had too much sugar...needless to say...he was bouncing off the walls. but I wouldn't have had it any other way because eventually my sister has to take over hehe (sorry sis!) the oldest one has taken a liking to all things fitness which I love because that has a great deal to do with my major in college. we decided a morning jog would be perfect on this crisp morning. I quickly regretted this decision as I am not huge into running, although I wish I was! long story short, he got a good laugh out of the situation and we were able to bond over the experience. p.s: if anyone has any running tips, feel free to share. it would be greatly appreciated. ;)

my dad's side of the family gets together every Sunday after church for lunch, today we decided on Chinese buffet. we have carried out this tradition since before I was born, so over 22 years. :) love them with all my heart!

on that note, I hope you have had an amazing Sunday and you are ready to rock this coming week. thank you again for visiting!

hailey mae

before the insane morning run

meet myah

the youngest silly nephew