Sunday, January 5, 2014

2014 // Special Moments Jar

2013 was a year of growth and a time to learn more about who I used to be, who I am, and who I hope to be. it was definitely a year full of reflection. reflection in terms of relationships, family, friendships, education, and what the future holds. I began to dig deeper and deeper into my faith. it was the start of my second school year at the university I transferred to back in 2012. I began the physical therapist assistant program and learned the true value of education and the purpose of why I am studying physical therapy. I went on a mission trip with a team of 22 to Guatemala and had such a fulfilling, heartwarming experience with the team as well as the sweet people we met along the journey.

I believe 2014 will be the year of change, faith, and love. the year of moving on from the past and creating a better, brighter future. :) I am beyond excited to see what is in store! I have so many exciting plans for this year and high hopes for love. ❤ 

this year I decided to document special moments of each day. I found this idea on pinterest and absolutely loved the idea of it! my grandma collects mason jars so I am using one of hers to store the post-it notes in. fill the jar with special memories, lol moments, accomplished goals, and daily blessings to keep track of how special your year is. :) 


hailey mae

p.s. we entered a winter wonderland here in Indiana today! even though I am much more of a sunny 75 degree weather kinda girl, I do love a beautiful snow scene outside my window. the snow count is up to 10 inches as of now, and is to continue falling down for another 5-6 hours. looks like we will be snowed in for a while!