Saturday, January 11, 2014

Ab Routine!

hello! :)

beginning a fitness routine can be somewhat easy and simple. at least for me it typically is. I find the hard part to be STICKING to the routine. 

when we enjoy doing something and have fun with it, we will automatically have a desire and an excitement to continue. 

as simple as this concept is, it is so true and helps when it comes to staying committed to a routine. so, I wanted to write a post solely directed toward working those abs. :) personally, when it comes to working out, I have a few guidelines.

1: I.hate.running. I say this with a lot of regret actually because deep down I would LOVE to become a lover of running; however, I have tried and ultimately fail. it is just not my thing, at all. who knows, maybe someday with a lot of dedication it will begin to feel more enjoyable.

2: I love working out. as of now, I am not much of a gym person. home workout routines are definitely right up my alley. I love the idea of working out so so much simply because it makes you feel so much better and much more healthy! (which yes, running does as well but exercising comes much more naturally.) :)

3: out of all the exercise plans...the abs is one of my favorite places to work on the body. it is one of the places where I can truly feel the effort I put into it which makes it a more fulfilling workout overall.

get up.get work.

here is my favorite routine to work the abs!